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What we Do Best


We build up leaders so they can lead their teams effectively, sustain organizational growth as they seek to improve workplace performance and culture through enhanced communication skill


We Can Do it All

Motivate Change. Inspire Growth. Transform Lives. The goal is to see clients thrive successfully by living out their unlimited potential in business through personal and professional development. Timeless Worth is here to assist individuals, organizations, and entrepreneurs on the wonderful journey of continual growth through practical methods and strategies.

Consultation Services:

● Organizational Assessment
● Strategic Goals Setting Session
● Board Governance

Leadership Development and Trainings:

● Leadership training (managerial and supervisory)
● Communication Trainings
● Leaders need H.A.L.P (Harness your Authentic Leadership Philosophy)

Workplace Culture

● DEI Improvement Training
● Workplace Thrive: How to Handle A Multi-Generational Workforce
● Workplace Analysis

Executive Coaching

● Personal Development Courses
● 1:1 One Strength Coaching

Keynote Speaking

● Leadership Conferences
● Employee Retreat
● Mastermind Groups


“We were delighted to partner with Timeless Worth. In approximately 5 weeks, Esther was instrumental in helping BEC grow through a social media campaign, increased awareness, online donations, and overall awareness in our community. We would like to give a sincere appreciation to Esther Lully of Timeless Worth for investing her time, skills, and resources to increase awareness about our vision to inspire the minds of the community with the purpose of being self-sufficient in all aspects.”

M.Paul, Executive Director


“I was starting to become nervous at work about accepting and adjusting to the new challenging responsibilities of being promoted to V.P. and having to manage my higher-end client portfolios. With her skillful ability to connect and listen, Esther helped me become aware of my own self-limiting beliefs. By applying her insightful exercises toward personal development, I was able to take practical steps to increase my self-confidence to positively take on my new challenges. As a result, I achieved the ability to better communicate with both my clients and bosses with confidence showing that I am more than able to be entrusted in better managing my clients and team department.”

-Employee of JP Morgan Chase & Co