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Our Consulting Services

Timeless Worth Coaching & Consulting offers comprehensive leadership training aimed specifically at improving leadership philosophies and communication styles to enhance workplace culture. Our services are tailored to your current and future needs to ensure your strategic goals are achieved.

Workplace Analysis

Knowing the pulse of your organization and how it is perceived from within can makes the difference in how effectively leaders will thrive. Adapt the right strategies to enhance productivity and sustain transformational

Organizational Consulting

Be aware of the true needs of your organization from an holistic perspective in order to
map out a strategic plan that is comprehensive and attainable for all levels of growth
within the organization.

Leadership Success Training

Provide your leaders with the relevant tools, methods and knowledge they need to build
success in their responsibilities and role. Explore the many trainings that can build
confidence and improve leadership skills.

 From Our Founder

Own Your Growth. Seize Opportunities.

Effective leaders recognize opportunities, embrace challenges, and soar through unprecedented periods of change. With nearly two decades of leadership, Esther uses her expertise in non-profit experience to help strategize orgarnaizational and program goals. She confidently teaches principles applicable to any role and setting, regardless of the organization’s size through training, coaching, and consulting.


“Your ‘Communication Training’ offered so much insight and put a face to what we as the leaders of this facility need to effectively communicate. I enjoyed how your coaching class was a hand on training. Your material prompted us to work together. Your enthusiasm as a coach and speaker kept everyone involved and focused on the message. We are grateful for this training.”

Major Jack McCotter, DCSII-
Detention Center Superintendent
Collier Regional Juvenile Detention Center